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Here are a few links which I highly recommend

Renewable Energy

Policy change and info on the industry
Practical training in solar, wind, micro-hydro etc...
Supplier of alternative energy and building goods, also provides training at their HQ in Hopland, CA (they just merged with Jade Mountain)
The hands on gurus of producing power yourself

Sustainable Agriculture

 Univ of Cali, Santa Cruz...Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture
Oodles of links on sustainable ag, policy, hands on stuff
CCOF is the organic certifying agency in CA
Directory of farms with CSA's and farmers markets
Hawaii's organic ag. organization
A great site which links you to lots of great resources from info on attaining small grants to ordering great publications
Publisher which specializes in sustainable ag, green energy, and forward thinking...check it out!
ATTRA provides a wealth of info for farmers and folks living in rural settings.. they also publishe theeee guide to farm apprenticeships in the U.S.
Ecological Concerns for Hunger Organization - dedicated to fighting world hunger through practical hands-on solutions

Misc. sites which promote truth and free thinking

Gutsy, truth-telling, real news.  Good stuff, and it's an inexpensive magazine
I think this is the address....another great mag.

My favorite places to waste time on the net

If you don't shop on ebay by now you're seriously behind the times
Info on the Big Island of Hawaii
The ONLY honest and non-biased reviews/ info on digital photography
My buddy Pete inspired me to make this site...he deserves a plug!

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