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Roxbury Farm

  9/06/02 -   Welcome to Roxbury Farm!     150 acres of rolling farmland await you in beautiful historic Kinderhook, NY.  Home of Martin Van Buren the 8th president of the U.S..  
     I've been here at Roxbury farm since April 1. This year has been a great season.  The weather was quite variable which posed immense challenges to all of us, but the farm pulled through and we've been able to serve our 675 CSA members with wonderful fresh produce all season long.  For those of you new to this page... My job here is Seeding and Cultivating Manager  - I'm responsible for direct seeding crops each week as well as mechanically cultivating to reduce weed pressure on the 25 acres of mixed veggies we grow.  I live on the farm with three other folks in a toasty nice house just a hop skip and a jump from Kinderhook Creek.  
     Roxbury Farm is a CSA farm....Community Supported Agriculture...which means we grow primarily for our members who pay in advance for a season worths of fresh organic veggies. In return, we grow, harvest, and deliver produce from June through early December.  For more info on the farm visit our website at   Be sure to check out PETE's VIEW which is a weekly photo essay of sorts, by yours truly.
     Check out the pic links below and enjoy your visit.....pete

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