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April 10, 2003


I'm now living in Concord, MA and working at Verrill Farm. Yes yes, I'm still farming, yes yes I'm still really bad at updating this site.  It's not me though, it's the awful software I use which makes it a bear to update this site. I'm working feverishly (not really) to convert this site to Frontpage which will hopefully make life easier. Until then I will try my darndest to get this site changed once every full moon.  Joke.

Work is going well so far.   The season is just getting underway and much work needs to be done.  What else to say?  I'm fine.  Still learning, still having fun, still love farming.   

Wishing you a warm wonderful spring and amazing summer!  Please keep checking this site, I will add some new photos and info soon.  I'm NOT crying wolf!  


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Mar. 03' - ??

Apr. 02' - Dec. 02'

Mar. 02'
Jan. 02'
Nov. 01'
Apr. 01' - Oct. 01'
Apr. 01'
Jan. 00' - Apr. 01'
May 97' - Jul. 99'
My cousins hanging out in our village


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